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Looks & Intelligence: The Royal Line Touchless Kitchen Faucet


Latest Motion Sensor Technology   Environmentally Friendly & Safe   Energy & Water Savings


The features of the Royal Line Touchless Kitchen Faucet include:


  • Gooseneck single hand pull down spout
  • Touchless design for hands free operation
  • Infrared technology & temperature control
  • Environmentally friendly by efficiently conserving water via sensor
  • Solid brass, polished chrome
  • Single post mounting allows for easy installation
  • Batteries and hardware included
  • Retracts seamlessly and docks securely
  • Includes optional decorative baseplate
  • Swivels 180 degrees
  • 1 year warranty
  • Lead free



Installation is the same as with a regular faucet. The electric components are inside the faucet body and the solenoid valve is inside the control box.



Hands free automatic operation prevents the spread of germs/bacteria from faucet to hands. When hands enter the sensor range the water flows and when remove hands from the sensor range the water ceases to flow after 30 seconds. If you want the water to stop flowing before 30 seconds have elapsed simply place hands back into sensor range.



Faucet can be rotated 180 degrees and the spout is retractable. Retractable range is 0 inches to 20 inches (0cm to 50cm). With automatic and manual modes, faucet can be used in manual mode when there is no power.


Energy Efficient

The faucet uses two D alkaline batteries and the batteries can be used for over 350,000 sensor readings.


Low Power Indication

When the batteries are running low, the indication light will blink intermittently when you place your hands in front of the sensor. If the indication light blinks continuously the batteries are too weak to operate the faucet. To adjust the water temperature, turn the lever clockwise for cold water and counterclockwise for hot water.
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