logo_webThe Royal Line Philosophy

The philosophy of Royal Line is simple.  Using our expertise, Royal Line samples and meticulously critiques products found in the global marketplace. Royal Line has high standards and rigorously tests products prior to adding it to our exclusive international distribution network.   Every product must meet the following requirements: cost efficient, high quality and be eco-friendly.

Because of our philosophy and our understanding of the global economy, Royal Line products are discounted 30-60% from the “leaders” in the industry.  Due to Royal Line’s lean infrastructure and relatively low cost of ownership, the operations’ overhead is not an obstacle to success, but rather an advantage.  We then pass that onto you, our customer.

The Royal Line Alliance Saves You Money

Royal Line will have a much lower cost to bring to market versus its competition as it relates to product concept to creation and certification of such products.  Our global partners will bear the burden and expense of the early stages of the product lifecycle and development, while acting as a clearing house and beta testing ground to ensure that Royal Line’s final class of products are both filling a void in the market place and maintaining value and quality.